We walk investors of all sizes through the process. What are you looking to create? Cash Flow through rentals and MODs or Capital Growth through REOs and MODS?

Audubon Realty always considers the current occupant, if there is one. We want to help them achieve their desired outcome compassionately and efficiently.

We offer our investors easy entry into the note space by offering different levels of participation.

NPLs (Non-performing Loans aka NPNs – non-performing notes)

Our resources include seasoned professionals in corporate finance, real estate syndication, asset management, foreclosure law, bankruptcy law, loan servicing, curative title and assignment backgrounds, note trading, etc.

Here are the different note types:

  • PN – Performing note – is one where the payments are made on time by the homeowner to the note holder.
  • RPN – Re-Performing Note indicates that the borrower has defaulted in the past, but has gotten back on track either naturally or through a loan modification and is now making monthly payments as agreed.
  • NPN – Non-Performing Note. This is by far the most popular type of note right now with real estate investors and REO investors. The NPN is essentially a note that is in default. What makes an NPN so attractive to a buyer is the opportunity to essentially purchase the asset at a deep discount. From there, you, the investor, can decide to restructure the note or take back the property.

Some of the service options we perform for the holder of these notes include:

  • Reinstatement
  • Forbearance Plans
  • Modification or Rates and Terms
  • DIL of Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure

When you are one of our investors, you don’t have to be concerned with:

  • Overseeing service transfers
  • Vendor management
  • Notary Services
  • Property Inspections
  • Repairs done to ensure code compliance

With home retention options, we handle the details and setup for:

  • Loan modification
  • Repayment programs,
  • Payoff and discounted settlements

Quick Profit Strategies for Investors:

Occupied properties may involve these situations:

  • Family sale / Borrower or investor remains in property
  • Short sale / Assist with relocation expenses, process and then sell
  • Deed in Lieu or relocation assistance and then sell

In the case of a vacant home, it’s a little different for our investors. We help them create the most success with these options:

  • Deed in Lieu and then sell (flip)
  • Finalize the foreclosure process
  • Short Sale with cooperation from owner
  • Foreclose then lease up then sell in the open market
  • Note sale – Resell the Note

Advanced Strategies for Capital Growth or Cash Flow:

If you choose this route, the same major factor applies – vacant or occupied:

Vacant NPNs:

  • Deed in Lieu and rent for income stream
  • Foreclose with the intent to rent for an income stream
  • Foreclose or Deed in Lieu and then sell under a land contract or carry back traditional loan
  • Modify loan and move family back into property

Occupied NPNs:

  • Reinstatement – full or partial hold as -re-perform for cash flow
  • Restructure note/modify for high yielding cash flow
  • Deed in Lieu or foreclose then leaseback
  • Deed in Lieu or foreclose then create paper with note or land contract