The initial assignment of your asset to Audubon Realty

The team in Audubon Realty’s REO Division understands how staying on top of timelines can make or break an assignment. Our detailed workflow and protocol for these assets keeps us on schedule with each task. We are proud to say that our on-time task rate is over 98%.

Occupancy Status
We inspect the property and submit an occupancy status report to our client within 24 hours of each assignment. We are sensitive to complying with the PTFA and all other local applicable laws.

During the occupancy period we will perform no less than weekly drive-by inspections and we will not make any material changes at the property. We will also provide a drive-by BPO within two calendar days of the assignment and include several exterior photos of the subject property.

Vacant Property Registration
We complete the vacant property registration. We work closely with our clients as they reach out to their client and confirm the proper registration documents have been filed in accordance with local laws and requirements.

Working with Homeowner Associations
We are able to transfer utilities into our name and will make advance payments for such utilities, with client approval. We also make certain the HOA, if applicable, is notified and those contacts are current. Because of our transaction management software, we have an extensive database of current information for HOA’s across Louisiana.

We will work with our client to obtain a monthly itemized statement from the HOA to include any enumerated fees and assessments that are allowable under applicable ordinance or bylaws.